Poetry is simply the most beautiful, and widely effective mode of saying things

We create visual poetry

We are poet branding

We are an independent design agency based in Brighton with over 30 years experience specialising in branding and packaging. We work with product and service brands both large and small across all sectors of the market. Our mission is to increase sales and drive customer engagement. We measure our success on the impact on our client’s bottom line rather than paying to win awards. Our work is insight driven, creatively excellent and beautifully crafted.

Strategy, Creativity and Craft


Design as a business is nothing without a commercial context. All our projects begin with a thorough interrogation of the brief. We question to build understanding and insight. We seek to clarify the one key message that we are tasked with communicating.


There is no formulaic approach to creativity. It happens in the brain. It is about making connections and can happen whilst walking down the street or staring at a Mac but wherever it comes from it helps for the whole team to really understand clearly what the task is. That is why we place such importance on writing the creative brief.


Sometimes the solutions are great big hairy new ideas and sometimes they are subtle updates. What is critical for brands is a consistency and excellence of execution. The devil is in the detail and we are obsessive about the detail.

The power of a network

The design business is changing rapidly. Technology has set us free from the old fashioned ways of working. The days of large agencies all under one roof is over. We strongly believe in collaboration is the future of design and creative services. The networking together of talent is flexible and dynamic, bringing diverse groups together to focus on a particular project.

We listen and understand our clients business problem and then build a team around that brief. We draw on a worldwide network of creative and marketing talent to form a project team dedicated to that brief. This brings real benefits to our clients. We can select people with relevant secor experience and reach out to specialist independent creatives. This flexibility of approach means that we can keep our overheads low and provide clients with real bang for their buck. Within our studio we have designers, animators, web programmers and researchers.


Our services


So much more than simply creating a smart new logo. To create a meaningful brand we drive to the very core of a product or service to uncover a motivational ‘brand truth’. We can then create a whole suite of executions and strategies to communicate, build and protect a brand.


Packaging is a brand’s handshake with the customer. The moment of interaction and split second decision making so it is imperative to get this right. Brands are recognised, not read and we create distinctive and powerful packaging for all manner of products.

Innovation & concept

From brainstorming ideation workshops to creating beautiful product visuals or mock ups for research. We get involved at all stages in the journey from idea to production. We bust out the creative big guns and let our imaginations off the leash to create new and bold ideas for brands and services.

Structural Packaging

From boxes to bottles, structure is integral to creating a distinctive brand. Recognising your brand from distance and creating instant recognition is crucial to gaining iconic status.


With so many new products, services and companies entering the market around the world, finding a name that is appropriate, defensible and most of all, available is getting harder and harder. We work with language specialists to ensure your product is well received in the market.

Web & Digital

Digital commerce is shaping our lives and the cities we live in. The budgets once reserved for advertising are now better spent on communicating brand values via digital content online and social media in order to be able to engage the customer.

Recent Work Showcase

We work across digital and print mediums to deliver bold, effective identities for business in all industries.

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