Agatha Christie

Murder in mind

Agatha Christie is the most widely read author in the world. Her books Her books have sold over a billion copies in the English language and a billion in translation. However the image of the brand had suffered in modern times and was starting to loose relevance to people from 20 to 35 who considered it rather stuffy and old fashioned. More village greens and cups of tea rather than stories of murder and intrigue. It needed to rediscover the what makes the brand so popular and bring that message to a new generation of readers.

This was much more than a simple new logo job and required a re-defining of the brand for the future.

Original Branding

A deep dive into the brand values revealed what factors were relevant to the brand and those that had just become baggage. We needed to strip the brand back to the bones and carefully define the factors that were timeless and motivating to the audience. The brand cannot become stuck in one particular time in history. The stories can translate in more contemporary executions because the underlying story is so strong.

Agatha Christie Wordmark

The new identity was formed around a stylised version of the author’s signature. This personal mark would be neutral in style and thus would allow it to fit with a variety of other graphic styles. We also created a symbol for the brand. The black crow being symbolic of death and sinister intent.

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