Dr Pepper

Refreshing a classic

Coca Cola commissioned us to review the Dr Pepper brand in the UK ahead of a renewed advertising campaign. Dr Pepper is much more complex brand than many other carbonates on sale in the UK. It appeals to a wide demographic and has a challenging taste that divides people much in the same way as Marmite does. You either love it or hate it. This unusual taste was for many part of the appeal. It stood alone from all the other colas and consumers struggled to describe the taste.

Dr Pepper Cans

Insight driven design

Our consumer research uncovered a key insight into the brand. We discovered that people used this drink more as a snack than a refreshment. It’s taste and mouth feel satisfied in much the same way as a count line. It’s taste profile delivered in the same way chocolate satisfies as a little reward. People were choosing a chocolate bar rather than a can of Dr Pepper.

It was decided that the packaging should increase the refreshment values in order to make the brand less obscure and more of a mainstream choice.

Dr Pepper tilted can

We created the core brand assets and theses were rolled out across all packaging formats.

Dr Pepper Zero Can

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