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We are called Poet for a good reason. Great design is like great poetry. It has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It strips away the unnecessary and amplifies the essential truth. We tell engaging stories that speak first to the heart, then the head. All great brands have a story, pride, and a promise. It is our job to help define that story and to use our art to communicate it via beautifully crafted design.

Brand poetry is my passion and craft. I have been creating and designing successful brands for over 25 years with my clients. I want to share this experience and expertise to build start-up entrepreneurial brands and refresh existing products and services. I create powerful brand voices that reward people’s attention. 




Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Our philosophy
Design is a commercial tool.
Our job is not just to make things look nice, but to deliver a message to the customer. We use all of our 30 years of experience to deliver that message as effectively as possible. We are designers because we understand that non-verbal communication is a powerful tool that communicates at the speed of light.  As humans, we are visually orientated and what we see governs our response to the world.



The man with a hammer sees every

problem as a nail.

We believe that collaboration is the future of our business. No one organisation has all the skills under one roof. We keep our business deliberately small because we collaborate with other creative thinkers and industry specialists to form the best project team for each brief.



Beauty seduces.
Making things look nice is not just an esoteric luxury. People respond to things they find attractive. We are all drawn toward things that place a high degree of importance on the aesthetic. We are a team of passionate craftspeople who love to spend time worrying about the small stuff. We pour this love into every design and brand we work with because we care.
Good design is as little design as necessary. 
This quote from legendary designer Dieter Rams encapsulates our approach to design. We seek to simplify by eliminating that which is not working and then amplifying those elements that are. In this way, we produce work that is distinctive, original, and above all effective.
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