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Ibuprom Sport

Creating a new pain relief brand specifically for sports injuries.


Identity design

Design activation

Brand manual

Polish brand USP Zdrowie manufactures several topical pain relief products but wanted to launch a dedicated brand focused on sports injuries. We worked with health care specialist Creative Leap to create a new brand identity and associated packaging for a launch across Europe.

Ibuprom runner logo 2.png
Ibuprom runner logo 4 copy.png
Ibuprom runner logo 3.png

We created a distinctive and dynamic identity that combined two elements. The explosive energy of an athlete's body and a targeting device that shows how the product directly targets the source of pain. It also highlights the 'PRO SPORT' part of the brand name. Subtly reinforcing the positioning.

Ibuprom tube 2_edited.png
12365-box side.png
Ibuprom Direct action.png
Landscape Background_Elbow Pain copy.jpg
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