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Giggling Squid

Creation of a challenger brand within the casual dining sector


Brand identity

Brand activation

Print design

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Launch a new Thai restaurant that can scale and define its own sector in a very crowded market. The boom in casual dining in recent years has seen a wholesale change in the choice of international cuisines on offer in every high street in the UK. Any new offering has to quickly establish itself as offering something different and worth seeking out.    


We looked closely at traditional Thai lettering styles for inspiration and used some of the distinctive embellishments to create a free-flowing logo that looked a little bit giggly and a little bit squid-like.



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Giggling squid brand book.png
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There are already many Thai restaurants in the UK and in order to create something new we had to tell the consumers a different brand story. It started with creating a distinctive name. The name Giggling Squid, tells customers that this is a fun and casual dining experience. We created a distinctive identity that leaps out and becomes memorable. The interior design eschewed the traditional Thai styling and created spaces that were light and airy which encouraged more daytime diners as this was crucial to commercial success.  

Image by Matteo Steger
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Now the UK's largest Thai restaurant chain

With over 26 restaurants across the UK, Giggling Squid

has established it's self as the nations favourite Thai restaurant

Giggling Squid logo.png
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