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Dr Pepper

Iconic and inexplicable. Dr Pepper is the Marmite of the cola category. 


Brand strategy

Identity design

Packaging design


Coca Cola UK wanted to generate increased sales by bringing Dr Pepper into the mainstream and create a powerful world-class brand. Often confused with other Colas, Dr Pepper needed to define its own space within the carbonates fixture

Poet grey fade-12_edited.png
Poet grey fade-12_edited.png
DR PEpper Can before.png
58805-2020-04-08-beer-can-metallic-drops-mockup-front-view-5e8f2650dc910 copy.png



Extensive consumer research uncovered the insight that consumers used Dr Pepper more like a countline or snack rather than a thirst-quenching drink. People would choose a Dr Pepper as a mid-morning sweet treat. It delivers a reward much like chocolate. This was driven by its curious and complex flavour profile and thicker mouth feel. We looked at numerous designs exploring ways to amplify this perception of a more curious and complex taste perception.

DR Pepper Can.png
DR Pepper packs.png
external-content.duckduckgo copy.png
Dr Pepper Zero.png
Pepper truck.png

Sales increased 36%
following re-launch

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