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Simply the most effective insect repellant.


Packaging design


Trek backgraound.jpg

Consumers were confused about which insect repellent was right for their needs. Trek wanted to become the authority in the category and simplify the selection process. After all insect bites can ruin a holiday. We worked with healthcare design specialists, Creative Leap to redesign Pyramid's range of insect sprays.

Poet grey fade-12_edited.png


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Poet grey fade-12_edited.png


Trek bottle 1.png
Trek line up.jpg

Pyramid has unrivalled expertise in creating effective insect control products. The design needed to convey this efficacy without appearing too aggressive as this is bought by families as well as serious outdoors people. We united the brand with a single brand name, Trek. A clear and powerful brand name and strong colour coding allow for great shelf stand-out. The information hierarchy means that customers can select the appropriate product for their needs. The introduction of the jungle leaf pattern gives a heightened feeling of product efficacy. 

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