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Farmers Orchard 

Redesign for one of Chinas' most popular juice brands


Brand identity

Structural design

Packaging design.

Image by Thomas Kelley

Farmers Orchard is a hugely popular brand of juice drinks in China. A flood of new entrants into the category had put the brand under pressure and it had started to look outdated. The brand Owners, NongFu Spring, asked Poet to overhaul the brand including the design of a new bottle structure that could be scaled from a single serve size up to 1.5litre family sizes. 

Nonfu Orchard Orange.png
NongFu bottle mockup 2.png

Farmers Orchard uses ingredients from a limited number of trusted producers across China and takes pride in the quality of those ingredients. We needed to tell a story of how the brand takes enormous care in the selection and processing of the very best ingredients. We needed to make Farmers Orchard appeal to those forward-thinking consumers who seek out quality over price. Instead of using photography, we turned to illustration to create both a visual difference on-shelf and also speak to the notion of a hand-crafted product. 

Tree made of citrus fruits, oranges, lemons, lime and green leaves on bright background. C
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