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Crosse & Blackwell

Bringing a contemporary new look to a much loved British classic 


Packaging design


C&B Bowl.jpg

Crosse & Blackwell are one of the UK's most loved soup brands however tinned soup has started to be seen as a rather old-fashioned format. More exciting product formats communicated a fresher and more contemporary image. Crosse and Blackwell were not seen as a desirable brand for many younger shoppers and getting overlooked in favor of more innovative brands.

Poet grey fade-12_edited.png
B&B Leek & Potato.png


Poet grey fade-12_edited.png
Crosse & Blackwell Leek.png


Crosse & Blackwell Squash.png

Our approach to the redesign of any brand is to first strip away everything on the pack and only replace those elements that are absolutely necessary. As we put back each element we evaluate it and see if it can perform its role more effectively.

We freed the Crosse & Blackwell logo up from its old-fashioned and restrictive frame so that the beautiful lettering becomes more recognisable and confident. We replace the clichéd photography with a more contemporary illustration that felt more handmade and printed the label on a matt textured stock to elevate the crafted feel of a product made with care. A unifying green colour creates significantly better shelf blocking.

C&B line up.png
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